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Why We Serve

In 2014, when heroin overdoses began to receive national attention 18 young people died in one week in Hamilton County, Ohio. Fourteen services were held at one funeral home that weekend. Jordan Mullins, an employee at this funeral home, called his cousin, Lawrence Bishop II, a Pastor at Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio to share this tragic situation. Not only was the loss of life a devastating tragedy, but dying without Jesus Christ as their Savior was even more heartbreaking.

Pastor Lawrence stopped everything and declared to his congregation they had to do something. He met with staff sharing they would hold a series of meetings on one weekend in Hamilton, Ohio and call it Hope Over Heroin, unless someone thought of a better name. He called his friend, Billy Price, Pastor of City on a Hill, Cincinnati knowing without his involvement, the series of meetings may never happen.  Pastor Billy and City on a Hill owned a significant outdoor staging and trussing structure with a full concert system capacity. Hope Over Heroin was Born. 

A handful of praying and enthusiastic churches and pastors, planned and prayed for this 3 day weekend in August, 2014 where church was brought to the streets. On that weekend, 12,000 people showed up in attendance, 154 people were baptized, over 500 gave their lives to Jesus for the first time, with many others rededicating themselves to serve God!

This movement was already in motion back in May, 2008 at City on a Hill Church. God gave Pastor Billy a laser focused vision of a sound system, stage and roofing system, lights, massive power generator, and a specific amount of money that he needed to make that happen: $1 Million Dollars all earmarked for Evangelism in the Streets!

Pastor Lawrence and Pastor Billy had traveled across the United States together since 2004, they had ministered in prisons and events around the nation, but this was a seemingly impossible amount of money to commit to something like this. Pastor Billy’s Church only had about $20k in the bank; not enough to even buy power cables for a generator that God had shown him was needed!

Pastor Lawrence certainly got the name right! Thank you, Pastor Lawrence for this inspired moment when our direction toward destiny was engaged!


The Core

Pastor Cleddie Keith

Heritage Fellowship

Florence, KY

Executive Board




Pastor Billy Price

City on a Hill 

Cincinatti, OH

Executive Board and





Pastor Jonathan


City on a Hill

Cincinatti, OH

Executive Director



Rosalie Canfield





Blazine Monaco






Founding Members

Pastor Lawrence

Bishop II

Solid Rock Church

Monroe, OH –

Eastgate, OH









In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak,

remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”

Acts 20:35 





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