Uniting a community’s faith and non-faith based addiction recovery resources to provide those struggling with addiction and their loved ones with a path to a life free from the bondage and pain of addiction.


The Opioid Epidemic has resulted in billions of dollars being pumped into the needed creation of additional addiction service providers, facilities, programs, and resources. Just 2 years ago, those seeking help were put on wait lists of more than 2 weeks just to walk in the door to a facility with many lives lost to overdose or a changed mind during the small window of opportunity when a heart is open to change. 

Hope Over Heroin is a faith-based ministry believing in and witnessing the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to transform lives.   While we are a faith-based organization, we recognize the importance of every resource possible to reach the hearts of those affected by addiction of any type. Our greatest strength is uniting Addiction Service Providers with the civic, educational, medical, church and business leaders involved in providing tangible assistance to each person seeking help. It is only through collaboration we can make the greatest impact possible every family affected by the opioid epidemic.  The City of Resources provides this opportunity.

Hope Over Heroin holds weekend Rallies following months of collaboration with the communities we visit. Rallies launch with access to The City of ResourcesTM opening prior to the 30 minute Prayer March around the Rally grounds. We return to the site for a memorial DVD played on the large screens and balloon release followed by Ride4Life, a stunt motorcyclist group founded by Scott Caraboolad, who shares his empowering testimony of recovery. Additional live and taped testimonies of recovery and live music culminate with a call for action for those desiring to change their lives to step forward. Trained professionals minister to those desiring help where they are then aligned with the appropriate service provider. Most are immediately transported to an appropriate service provider or at minimum, aligned with resources necessary to support recovery over the weekend until the time the provider is available for servicing. Baptisms are offered for those desiring this service. 



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