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One Call Addiction Placement Program

One Call Addiction Placement is a dynamic searchable database that matches the unique needs of an individual seeking treatment with the available recovery resources in a particular area.  Through extensive filtering capabilities and a live protocol, One Call has the ability to place those seeking help for addiction immediately or expedite the placement process by placing them on multiple wait lists. KEY BENEFITS:

    • Dramatically reduces wait time to be connected to necessary resources
    • Increases the marketing power of participating agencies (including new agencies)
    • Reduces agency staff time spent on fielding phone calls
    • Expands the geographical search area to provide alternative options throughout Ohio if beds are not available in a particular county.

Addiction Service Providers registered in the City of Resources™ for our weekend rallies are automatically included in our registry.

All participating agencies agree to have a staff member attend a 30 minute online training session.

For more information, please call 844-HOPE-777.

Addiction & Recovery Resources

Hope Over Heroin is in the process of compiling a comprehensive list of addiction and recovery resources so individuals can easily find the help they need to fight addiction and achieve long term recovery. If you are in need of resources, please see the list below and revisit Hope Over Heroin’s website often as we update the list with many more resources.

Lake County

Addiction Outreach Clinic
Advanced Clinical Consultants LLC
Advanced Psychotherapy
Advent Communicate Services
Altered Church
Arrow Passage Recovery
Beacon Health
Bethel Colony of Mercy
Bikers Against Child Abuse
Bill Horvath House
Braeview Care & Rehabilitation
Calvary Assembly of God-Celebrate Recovery
Carmella House of Prayer Church
Catholic Charities Community Services Geauga County
Celebrate Recovery
Charak Center for Health & Wellness
Christian L.I.F.E Church
Cleveland Clinic Alcohol & Drug Recovery Center
Club 62
Deaths Avoided With Naloxone (DAWN)
Ed Keating Center
Edna House
Esther’s House
Families Impacted by Opiates
Family Forever Foundation
First Step Recovery
Freedom Assembly of God
Friends of Recovery
Geauga County Medical Center
Gideons International 
Glenbeigh Hospital & Outpatient Centers
Harvest Bible Chapel Cleveland Northeast
Heritage House
Heroin Anonymous
Highland Springs
Hitchcock Center for Women
Horizon House for WOMEN
House of Prayer Community Church
I’m In Transition
Jordan House
Julie Adams House
K.I.S.S. Foundation For Men
Kairos Prison Ministry
L.A.R.C. Turning Point
Lake Erie Church
Lake Geauga Recovery Centers
Life Changers Outreach
Life Point Church
Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center
Lutheran Hospital-Cleveland Clinic
Matt Talbot Inn
Mentor United Methodist
Meridian Community Care
Midwest Recovery Center
Millennium Health
Moore Counseling and Meditation Services Inc
Narcotics Anonymous
Neighboring Mental Health Services
Neil Kennedy Recovery Clinic
New Day Recovery Center
New Direction for Living
New Directions, Inc.
Next Step Recovery House Operated by N.O.R.A.
Oak House For Women
Ohio Can
Orca House Inc. Men and Women’s Programs
Painesville Church of the Nazarene
Perry First Baptist Church
Prosperity Haven
Ravenwood Mental Health Center
Recovery Resources
Rosary Hall in St. Vincent Charity Medical Ctr.
Salvation Army
Scarborough House for WOMEN
Serenity Counseling
Signature Health
Steps Into Serenity
Teen Challenge
The Addicts Mom FB Support Group
The Addicts Parents United NA
The Lantern
True Freedom Ministries
University Hospitals
White Deer Run Treatment Network
Windsor Laurelwood Center for Behavioral Health
Young People in Recovery, Lorain Chapter

“Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy.”

Matthew 5:7