I struggled with drug addiction for 15 years of my life and almost lost my legs from shooting up heroin. I started doing drugs at just 14 years old and the addiction progressively got worse over the years. I found Jesus when I was 29 and He totally transformed my life. After shooting up heroin for 13 short months, I went in to the hospital and had to sign a paper to have my leg amputated. The heroin had rotted my legs from the inside out. I had a 7″ hole in each of my legs, although the right leg was much worse. I went to the hospital thinking I was going to get an antibiotic, some pain meds and leave, but I was wrong! The hospital told me I was not going to be leaving the hospital and they were going to have to amputate my right leg but could save my left leg. I went insane. I walked into that hospital and was convinced I would walk out.

I was so lost, broken and felt hopeless to the point of no return. I never truly believed in a higher power but I remember on the way to surgery, I said a quick “Jesus let me keep my leg” prayer. When I woke up from surgery, by the grace of God… I still had my leg! I was in the hospital and nursing home for 7 months after that surgery. I had so much hurt and pain in my life, I turned to drugs. After being released from the nursing home, I went back around the same crowd. I no longer did heroin but turned to bath salts and methadone. Things really got crazy. I was hospitalized 3 different times, tried killing myself, rolled my car, and truly hit rock bottom. See, the drugs took my pain and hurt away temporarily, but in all reality, the drugs were just making everything worse. I was miserable and I didn’t know how to fix myself or anyone around me… I didn’t know there was a higher power out there that has already paid the price for each and every one of us. I gave up on life and was a lost cause… or so I thought.

I couldn’t take it anymore and I was at the lowest point in my life when I finally found hope in Jesus. He transformed my heart and mind into a brand new person. He showed me love I had never known, He took the pain and hurt away that I held on to for so long, He forgave me for all of my wrongdoings, and He gave me hope. Thankfully, by the grace of God, I have been completely sober from all drugs for 4 years and a half years now. I went from being broken and miserable to a brand new person. I have so much joy and peace now that I can’t explain. Jesus has turned my life completely around. I am married to an amazing woman that loves Jesus, I have 3 beautiful (and another on the way), healthy children that I raise each and every day to shine their light in this dark world, I coach soccer for our local athletic organization, and so much more….It’s all by the grace I have been given through Jesus! I thank God each day for a sober mind. He amazes me!. I want to share his love with everyone…

There is hope in Jesus!!! He is real and he is the hope of this world. When Jesus came into my life, I felt love and hope that I had never felt before. Jesus is full of grace and mercy. He is a miracle worker. So many gave up on me, including myself… BUT God is able to make all things new! I want you all to know that there is hope in Jesus and it isn’t too late to change your life. He has forgiven me from all my wrong doings and he can do the same for you.” From a #DopeDealer to a #HopeDealer by the grace of God! Thank you Jesus!