Let say I lost everything the last 5 years do to this addiction that’s taking everyone’s Loved ones. Feb 1st my mom found me and my girlfriend in the basement black we was dead so my sister is giving me CPR and the lady on the 911 call said stop working on your brother and work on his girlfriend because she wasn’t breathing’s or didn’t have a pulse so my baby sister did just that so the police finally got there and got me breathing’s but she wasn’t doing good so I was told my everything wasn’t gonna make it at that point I knew I needed help all I could do is pray I get to the hospital an my heart stopped again after I came back I was told my girlfriend was breathing and that was god telling me it’s now or never so we had to turn our self in to the police station because I knew I needed help I’ve lost everything at this point I went to treatment not long after because I needed to find a new way to live and I found god because now at 6 months clean I am better then I Have been in 15 years I have 2 sick parants that I want to be proud and not worry no more so God’s telling me to try and see if I can shere all the deaths I’ve been through since all this happened and I want my parents to here this from me because I have a step dad I need to get back in my life so please if anyway to stand up and reach out to all these people that need support because I didn’t have that so I really want to help.  To my 3 children mom dad  and family I love you guys very much I need you more then ever.  Love James