I struggled with heroin for about eleven years. I have overdosed 19 times, the last time being the worst. I was dead for twenty nine minutes.

Because of God’s grace I am able to tell this with no ill effects from being gone for so long. God protected me because He has a calling on my life. That calling is to tell the world that there is hope through the love of Christ from this addiction. Heroin may be the most powerful drug around, but nothing can surpass the love and power in our Lord for the freeing and breaking the bondage, and chains that heroin has on us. Only through Him are we able to put that weight behind us, and win the battle for our lives.

I urge you today if you are bound by this demon, put your trust in Jesus, and He will take you in His arms and relieve you of all your burdens, cause He cares for you. Our part is to allow Him to.