in partnership with Convoy of Hope

Sat., Sept. 7, 2019

10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Stafford Park, Maple Heights, Ohio

Over $1,000,000 worth of services and products to those in need provided by Convoy of Hope.

Join forces.  Bring the Gospel message of HOPE to all in need.

Bring hope to those struggling with addiction and their loved ones.


All are Welcome.

Bring Hope to the Northeast Ohio Community in Need.


One Location. One Day. Free of Charge.

– Live Music –Free Food – Free Groceries – Haircuts — Health Screenings — Veteran’s Services — Children’s Activities — Help for those living in poverty– Giveaways –

Addiction and Grief Service Providers

Be part of Hope Over Heroin’s City of Resources by participating as a vendor on event day.

We provide immediate help to those seeking to free their life from the bondage of addiction.

If you are a service provider able to provide licensed and insured transportation, detox services, inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation, etc.  on Sept. 7, 2019, contact ,call 844-HOPE-777, or fill out the form below.

Our program includes a memorial for those lost to addiction. Grief support or services are a vital component offered to attendees. 

City of Resources Form

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    Vendor Terms & Conditions: Vendors agree to permit use of their organization’s name in Hope Over Heroin’s promotional materials. Hope Over Heroin reserves the right to refuse any vendor application. Should this occur, fees will be returned. The Vendor shall hold harmless Hope Over Heroin, the event location, their affiliates, volunteers, staff, and sponsors from any claims, loss or damages for any reasons including acts of God, liability, or any other loss or injury whatsoever or not specifically described herein, whether past, present or future. Exhibitors are responsible for safeguarding their goods and should have replacement cost insurance for all personal property. Vendor/exhibitor assumes all liability for protecting, care and maintenance of their property. Any vendor not holding valid liability insurance exhibits at their own risk and are responsible for all liability.
Church/Para-Church Leaders

Be a Participating Church by involvement in any of the following capacities: 

Recruit Event Volunteers  

Distributing Event flyers in your neighborhood

Serve in the Church Connections Tent

Hold a Convoy of Hope Sunday during the month of August

Share information with your membership:

Show a 3-5-minute Convoy of Hope DVD

Print and distribute event information in your bulletin

(If you are unable to print, we will provide you with inserts) 

Include event information in your electronic communications

For more information: Email or call Gail R. Reese, Church Connections Team Leader, at 216-571-4885 for related communications.

Community Service Agencies

Do you provide services that directly address the alleviation of poverty or help children and /or families affected by poverty, homelessness, and other community crisis issues? Please consider being a vendor on Sept. 7, 2019. 

Register Here

Hope Over Heroin Memorial

Our memorial includes a Prayer/Memorial March, a DVD shown on LED screens, a lantern/balloon release and tented area to honor those lost to addiction.

To honor the memory of your loved one, visit  and submit your information and photos.

If you represent an agency, are part of a group or an individual providing services for those who have lost loved ones to addiction and would willing to join our team to increase awareness of the memorial, please contact

Convoy of Hope Event Day Volunteer
Hope Over Heroin Event Day Volunteer
Prayer Team Members

Join us in prayer at 9:07 am and 9:07 pm as we pray for the needs to be met for the Sept. 7, 2019 event and  that the hearts of those  in need in our community will be open to help and alignment with a church family.

Be part of witnessing the power of prayer to change lives, situations, and add a stronger spiritual dimension to your own life. 

Please take the time to respond so we know the numbers and can communicate with those who will be joining us in daily prayer.

For Sponsorship Information contact Blazine Monaco @ 440-476-5686 or via email at To donate in honor or memory of someone, please visit our donation page.